Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Don't be afraid of trying something new!

Are you afraid again ??? Scared to try a new style because you think (you THINK) it is too trendy for your sophisticated look? Unsure of how to put on a pair of shoes/boots that are out of your comfort zone? You see, the key is to wear the shoe and not let the shoe wear you. Even a woman with a clean classic style, can easier put on a slightly edgey or maybe even an extremely offbeat piece and make it work. Today I took off my leopard heels and changed into this high wedge, fold down bootie "Bea" by Rosegold. This boot certainly screams a city look that not all women THINKS she can pull off. Keep it simple! Whenever you doubt yourself, just throw on a boyfriend blazer and you can pull almost any look together.

How can I take this bright coloured dress to the next level? Colour is the answer. Stop trying too hard to be "matchy matchy" with your outfits and accessories. Just like our famous friends Stacy London and Clinton Kelly from "What Not to Wear" would say ... It doesn't have to match it just needs to go. If you know me at all I live by these words.  I kept my same outfit on and added a simple ivory scarf to dress down my look. The focus of this outfit is now the Miz Mooz "Orso" green boot. It doesn't match the colours but it sure does go nice with the look. Keeps it clean and still fashionable without being too outrageous for a day look. You can pull together new looks and still have your own style without feeling like you are trying to be someone you are not. Want to try it? Well stop into The Urban Shoe Myth with one of your looks and we would be more than happy to help you develop your style with a new pair of feet :)

Thanks Steph!!



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