Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spring Trend - Color Blocking

Colour blocking, what is the trick to this trend? What is too much? What is not enough? Everyone has their own spin on how they like to add colour blocking to their wardrobe. Some of us really enjoy flashy bright colours and patterns, while others just showcase the trend with a pop of colour here and there. Either way, this trend is a must for everyone this season
I like to take images from magazines or online to get inspiration for my looks. I came across this image featuring our new handbag line Melie Bianco. What a great way to take some bright pieces and mix with some neutral colour blocking. For this outfit I featured our “Bryce” a DV by Dolce Vita (what a killer heel!!). This outfit is about using your accessories and not being scared to wear colour on the bottom half. Bright colours for bottoms are super trendy this season, but can easily pair with a boyfriend blazer and small satchel to keep you in your comfort zone.

Another way to do colour blocking is making a monochromatic outfit. I adore the natural colours which will be featured this season. Michael Kors gets me every year with his loafer/moccasin styles, and this year I need the “Fallyn” loafer. This is a beautiful tri-colour flat that can easily make a statement with your spring/summer collection. I matched this look with our newly stocked Hobo International “Nancy”. She isn’t just a wallet but a clutch too. Inside is a wristlet that pulls out from the center. This is perfect for us women who keep saying we are going to downsize from our jumbo purses. To achieve this look, keep it simple and stick to one colour scheme. 

Sometimes it is hard to be trendy and still maintain acceptable attire for work. Professional wardrobes can still be fun and exciting without feeling over the top. For this last look, I was inspired by the classic black/red look. Our Enzo Angiolini “Slone” is a platform heel colour blocked with red/black/nude.  What woman doesn’t feel good in red? While in the office remember to keep necklines higher (avoiding deep v plunges), and skirt lengths below finger tips. Pencil skirts are fun but still great for a business atmosphere; look for colour blocking with black and whites to stay with a classic look. Bring in some colour with your blouse choice. This outfit is complete with our Hobo International “Zara” convertible clutch. Why? Well, because Friday is no longer casual day! It’s the day to go from work to girls’ night. Create a new excuse to wear your heels from day to night and walk a little taller.

 Be as bold or as subtle as you desire but don’t be afraid of colour!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Get the Look for Less!

Get The Look For Less!
Ok so most of us gals have seen the magazines that have the articles “the look for less” right? The usually have a really high priced outfit with expensive designer pieces on one side of the page and then the other side of the page is a similar looking ensemble made up of less expensive, but still name brand and good quality, pieces. Well we at The Urban Shoe Myth know that most of us can’t afford most of the YSL, Jimmy Choo, Lanvin and the always sought after Christian Louboutin shoes that grace the pages of our favourite magazines so we decided that we would form our own little “look for less” article and share it with you!

The first look we have for you is a tall leather boot with a hidden wedge. The more expensive of the two is from Lanvin and it costs $1090. Our look-a-like comes from Dolce Vita and costs $425.

Lanvin à ß Dolce Vita
Next we have a grey, suede, mid length boot with a wedge. Our more expensive look comes from Jil Sander at $745. Our version is by Rosegold and was originally $285 and are now on sale for $142.50.


Jil Sander à ß Rosegold
YSL has a “tribute” lace up ankle boot that is $1085. We have a pair from Nine West that was originally $140 and are now on sale for $112.


YSL à ß Nine West
Next is the Jimmy Choo “cosmic” black suede platform shoe which costs $695. We have a similar style from Steve Madden which is only $125. What a steal!

Jimmy Choo à ß Steve Madden
Here is a style from Gucci that can find a place in every girl’s wardrobe. An almond toe black pump. Gucci sells theirs for $525. We carry a similar style by Nine West called the “rocha” which is only $120!


Gucci à ß Nine West
Jimmy Choo makes a beautiful red patent peeptoe which will cost you $665. We carry a similar style by Enzo Angiolini which is only $140.


Jimmy Choo à ß Enzo Angiolini
So next time you open the glossy pages of your Vogue magazine and find yourself drooling over the very beautiful, very expensive shoes inside just remember…they are not always out of your reach. You can still find good quality, name brand shoes that look identical to the famous designer ones for a fraction of the price!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Don't be afraid of trying something new!

Are you afraid again ??? Scared to try a new style because you think (you THINK) it is too trendy for your sophisticated look? Unsure of how to put on a pair of shoes/boots that are out of your comfort zone? You see, the key is to wear the shoe and not let the shoe wear you. Even a woman with a clean classic style, can easier put on a slightly edgey or maybe even an extremely offbeat piece and make it work. Today I took off my leopard heels and changed into this high wedge, fold down bootie "Bea" by Rosegold. This boot certainly screams a city look that not all women THINKS she can pull off. Keep it simple! Whenever you doubt yourself, just throw on a boyfriend blazer and you can pull almost any look together.

How can I take this bright coloured dress to the next level? Colour is the answer. Stop trying too hard to be "matchy matchy" with your outfits and accessories. Just like our famous friends Stacy London and Clinton Kelly from "What Not to Wear" would say ... It doesn't have to match it just needs to go. If you know me at all I live by these words.  I kept my same outfit on and added a simple ivory scarf to dress down my look. The focus of this outfit is now the Miz Mooz "Orso" green boot. It doesn't match the colours but it sure does go nice with the look. Keeps it clean and still fashionable without being too outrageous for a day look. You can pull together new looks and still have your own style without feeling like you are trying to be someone you are not. Want to try it? Well stop into The Urban Shoe Myth with one of your looks and we would be more than happy to help you develop your style with a new pair of feet :)

Thanks Steph!!



Monday, October 24, 2011

We wish you a Merry Christmas....with lots and lots of shoes!! (Hey guys...read this post!)

This blog post was written by our lovely Erin!

Well, it’s almost November and you know what that means…Christmas is just around the corner. It seems like every year the Christmas decorations go up a little bit earlier, which seems to get everyone into the spirit of the season and starting to think about gifts. Have you thought about what you might get your best girlfriend this year? How about your sister and your mother? Maybe they are dying to have a great pair of Frye boots. Or how about a great pair of sparkly shoes to wear on New Years eve? Ok maybe buying someone a pair of shoes for Christmas is totally out of your budget but what about a gift certificate to the Urban Shoe Myth???  They carry so many great name brands that everyone knows and loves. It’s sure to please any woman on your list. With brands like Frye, Hunter, Corso Como (the oh so comfortable brand), and La Canadienne (the Canadian favourite for our winters), just to name a few. You can get a gift certificate in any dollar denomination and you never have to worry if it’s the right size!

 What about your own Christmas wish list? Sometimes we get so busy worrying about what we are going to get everyone else that we forget to tell our loved ones what we are wishing for during the holiday season. The Urban Shoe Myth also offers a service that lets you come in and make your very own Christmas wish list. All you have to do is come in to the store when you have some free time, sit down with one of the girls and try on a couple of styles you like so they can make a list of your faves and what size you need in each. Then if someone wants to buy you a pair they can come in and give your name and the girls can tell them what is on your list! Which pair will they buy you? Will you be unwrapping a beautiful purple Stuart Weitzman box on Christmas morning, or will it be the cozy and warm Mou eskimo boots you put on the top of your list? The beauty of the wish list is that you get to pick out the things you like but you’re still surprised as to what you get on Christmas morning!   
So come on in ladies and make your wish list!  And tell all the gift givers to stop and and see us!

Friday, September 30, 2011

This is how we do it...a walk on the wild side!

Hi everyone.

So, this week is my turn to showcase one of fall's trends.  I don't know how you all feel about leopard print, by I know myself, I have been a bit apprehensive to try it out.  I assumed it wasn't for the faint at heart, but for those true fashion mavens who are already bold in their dress.  But after staring at these shoes and boots in the store for the last month, I have found myself drawn to them.

The first pair of shoes I tried on were these Corso Como leopard print pumps.  I've paired them with a pair of jeans and a blazer - nothing too out there.  I like how these shoes jazz up and simple outfit!

The second pair I've had my eye on are the Nine West leopard print bootie.  They really look great with a simple sweater dress and pair of tights. 

So, what do you think?  Are you going to take a walk on the wild side this fall??


Friday, September 23, 2011

This is how we do it..Nadine style!

Hi everyone.  Time for our second "This is how we do it!"  Nadine's take on the Seychelle peep-toe pump!

Well....I can't believe I only have one week left in Saint John...let me just say what a pleasure it has been to work at the Urban Shoe Myth in the past couple of months!

I have loved my time with Shelley and the gals and I will miss them terribly!
So as everyone knows....I am a total girlie girl! If it's got ruffles, bows, or anything remotely pretty I am buying it.

These Seychelles shoes were destined to be mine the second they landed in the store! What more could I want....a patent bow, gorgeous cream and burgundy coloring, and the comfort of a small built-in platform.

I can dress them up or down....they are perfect for any dress and they make my skinnies look cuter, making them more versatile than one would think!
And let's not forget the compliments I am going to get while wearing them back in the big city! :)


Aw, thanks Nadine...we're going to miss you too!  Good luck in the big city!


Friday, September 16, 2011

This is how we do it....

So we've been listening to a new music station at the store these days.  You can only listen to the same top 40 songs so many times!  The 90's music station has been the station of choice these days.  Nothing like a blast from the past to get everyone in the store singing along, even if it's under their breath.  "This is how we do it" by Montell Jordan.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hiUuL5uTKc  So this is where the name of my next blog post came from.  We've decided to try a weekly blog on how we would wear the latest trends.  This week, Stephanie is taking on the menswear trend!

Ever think to yourself  "that's a neat trend, I wish I knew how to wear it", Easy! Just because it is a trend doesn't mean you can't work it into your already existing wardrobe. Today I wore my menswear inspired attire and was attracted to this Nine West "Newhouse" black high-heel loafer. It is that time of year where we are in between seasons and it can be hard to decide what to wear. Is it summer? is it fall? This heel loafer is a great way to throw your outfit together without feeling out of season. I simply wore my basic black tee with a black button-up vest, a medium length denim skirt with black argyle tights. I enjoy layers so I paired my outfit with an animal print scarf. I am known for my edgy style but I love fashion and setting trends with my own twist. You can do this too!!

Here we go again. I have to say I really like this high heel loafer. The Nine West "Abalene" taupe high-heel loafer really caught my attention today with my outfit. I enjoy the fact that there is a platform front to this shoe. I get the height I want to lengthen my legs but keep the comfort of a lower heel. My look today includes my favorite dark denim boot cut with a patterned tank and blazer. I also just picked up my favorite green leather Erin Templeton hobo purse :) Let's see if anyone notices I took this menswear inspired trend and put funk into it by keeping my own pieces and adding a new trendy heel. Remember the look can still be your style and trendy at the same time.

Thanks Steph!  Next week, Nadine's take on one of this fall's trends!