Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spring Trend - Color Blocking

Colour blocking, what is the trick to this trend? What is too much? What is not enough? Everyone has their own spin on how they like to add colour blocking to their wardrobe. Some of us really enjoy flashy bright colours and patterns, while others just showcase the trend with a pop of colour here and there. Either way, this trend is a must for everyone this season
I like to take images from magazines or online to get inspiration for my looks. I came across this image featuring our new handbag line Melie Bianco. What a great way to take some bright pieces and mix with some neutral colour blocking. For this outfit I featured our “Bryce” a DV by Dolce Vita (what a killer heel!!). This outfit is about using your accessories and not being scared to wear colour on the bottom half. Bright colours for bottoms are super trendy this season, but can easily pair with a boyfriend blazer and small satchel to keep you in your comfort zone.

Another way to do colour blocking is making a monochromatic outfit. I adore the natural colours which will be featured this season. Michael Kors gets me every year with his loafer/moccasin styles, and this year I need the “Fallyn” loafer. This is a beautiful tri-colour flat that can easily make a statement with your spring/summer collection. I matched this look with our newly stocked Hobo International “Nancy”. She isn’t just a wallet but a clutch too. Inside is a wristlet that pulls out from the center. This is perfect for us women who keep saying we are going to downsize from our jumbo purses. To achieve this look, keep it simple and stick to one colour scheme. 

Sometimes it is hard to be trendy and still maintain acceptable attire for work. Professional wardrobes can still be fun and exciting without feeling over the top. For this last look, I was inspired by the classic black/red look. Our Enzo Angiolini “Slone” is a platform heel colour blocked with red/black/nude.  What woman doesn’t feel good in red? While in the office remember to keep necklines higher (avoiding deep v plunges), and skirt lengths below finger tips. Pencil skirts are fun but still great for a business atmosphere; look for colour blocking with black and whites to stay with a classic look. Bring in some colour with your blouse choice. This outfit is complete with our Hobo International “Zara” convertible clutch. Why? Well, because Friday is no longer casual day! It’s the day to go from work to girls’ night. Create a new excuse to wear your heels from day to night and walk a little taller.

 Be as bold or as subtle as you desire but don’t be afraid of colour!

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